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(Words by W.M.Vories, 1908 Music by Carl Wilhelm)

One purpose, Doshisha, thy name Doth signify one lofty aim;
To train thy sons in heart and hand To live for God and Native Land.
Dear Alma Mater, sons of thine Shall be as branches to the vine;
Tho'through the world we wander far and wide, Still in our hearts thy precepts shall abide!

対訳(児玉実英 訳)

We came to Doshisha to find The broader culture of the mind;
We tarried here to learn anew The value of a purpose true;
Dear Alma Mater, ours the part To face the future staunch of heart, Since thou hast taught us with high aim to stand For God , for Doshisha, and Native Land!

When war clouds bring their dark alarms, Ten thousand patriots rush to arms, But we would through long years of peace Our country's name and fame increase.
Dear Alma Mater, sons of thine Will hold their lives a trust divine Steadfast in purpose we will ever stand For God, for Doshisha, and Native Land!

Still broader than our land of birth, We've learned the oneness of our Earth;
Still higher than self-love we find The love and service of mankind.
Dear Alma Mater, sons of thine Would strive to live the life divine;
That we may with increasing years have stood For God, for Doshisha, and Brotherhood!